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Boosting business performance through the creation of innovative infrastructure.

Electrical & Communications

Electrical & Communications

Complete Electrical & Communications Solutions

Communication is connection. At EQUANS, we are your trusted commercial electrical contractors – and we specialise in providing you with unique solutions to enhance the communications at your business.

Using cutting-edge technology and our innovative approaches, we’ll partner with you to deliver streamlined systems to improve the overall running of your operations. We also work to boost your organisation’s performance with our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Your trusted commercial electrical contractors

For decades, EQUANS has been at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art networking, wireless systems, data centre management and security system development.

Partnering with businesses of all sizes through Australia and New Zealand, and backed by the EQUANS Group, our technical services company provides networking solutions with world-class service and in-house support, so you can continue to focus on your day-to-day operations with total confidence.

    Expert technicians, service and support for all your data network cabling requirements:

    • Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 7 STP & UTP
    • Structured Cabling Systems
    • Structured Fibre Optic Networks
    • Satellite Network Systems
    • Copper & Fibre Testing, Verification and Audits
    • Cable Scanning and Certification to latest International Standards
    • Broadband, ISDN and WAN
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
    • Underground Cabling
    • Cable Assemblies & Patch Cords
    • Network Design and Implementation.

    We design, enhance and optimise wireless networks to deliver improved communication based on your requirements:

    • Accurate and easy to use off-site network prediction
    • Quick and accurate site surveys
    • GPS support for outdoor surveys
    • Unbeatable analysis for coverage, SNR, data rate, overlap
    • Unbeatable tools for network performance optimisation
    • Informative 'what-if' simulations
    • Locate access points
    • Accurate prediction of added coverage and capacity
    • Comprehensive, automated documentation
    • Unique combination of predicted and surveyed data
    • Intuitive, quick and easy user interface.

    Standard or bespoke cable and mechanical assemblies, tested and guaranteed for life:

    • Mechanical Assemblies
    • Aerospace / Mil-Spec
    • Gaming / Wagering
    • Point of Sale Cables
    • Termination Enclosures
    • CISCO Compatible Cables
    • Copper and Fibre Terminations.

    As trusted providers of electricians for small, medium and large-scale installations, we offer:

    • Electrical Design & Construction
    • Commercial Lighting & Power Installations
    • Computer Room Power Installations
    • Lighting Protection & Flood Lighting
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    • Generator Backup Systems
    • Thermal Imaging Infrared Scanning
    • Building Tenancy Refurbishments
    • Energy Saving Systems
    • Security Systems & Cameras
    • Car Parking Guidance Systems
    • Eco & Solar Power Systems.

    For peace of mind and effective protection of building & contents, choose EQUANS security systems:

    • Access Control Systems
    • CCTV and CATV Systems
    • Design Installation and Commissioning
    • Traditional or IP based systems
    • Building Systems
    • Mil Key
    • Access Control
    • Monitoring.

    Robust data centres designed, installed and managed by our expert engineers and technicians:

    • Electrical and Communications Infrastructure
    • Managed Services and Remote Hands
    • Critical Environment Facilities Management
    • On-site technical support
    • Self delivery of maintenance services and infrastructure upgrades
    • Energy Efficiency experts
    • Design and Engineering
    • Off-site energy supply including renewables
    • On-site energy generation including storage.

    Expert advice and support for voice system establishment, replacement, relocation or upgrade:

    • Sales & Installation
    • Relocation & Additions
    • Site Cabling Audits
    • Site Equipment Audits
    • Additional Outlets and Expansion
    • Programming and Maintenance
    • Small Key Systems
    • In-dial & Tie Lines.

    We enable solutions that connect, power and protect territories that is responsive to your needs:

    • HV Infrastructure
    • Solar
    • Battery Storage
    • Solution Audits
    • Public Lighting
    • Transport Infrastructure
    • Switchboard Upgrades.

    We manage national rollouts of communication, electrical or other services in a timely and cost effective manner through our established network of local offices and accredited partners in all states and territories.

    Electrical & Communications

    First-rate, specialist electrical installation services

    The team at EQUANS consists of skilled technicians and project managers who specialise in providing the networking solutions you need to get up and running and get business done. Our systems are designed to streamline your operations and make everything run much more efficiently.

    We are committed to standing with you every step of the way – from the initial consultation through to implementation and installation of your new system. The EQUANS team is also on hand to provide technical advice and support.

    Our Qualifications


    Register Electrical Contractor 09060


    Contractor Licence PGE 221286


    Construction Occupation Licence 2013319


    Electrical Contractor Licence 71392


    Electrical Contractor Licence C3832


    Electrical Contractor’s Licence EC009559


    Contractor Licence 222428C


    Contractor’s Licence 950279


      By hiring one of our experienced contractors, you can be sure that your projects and systems meets all the necessary safety regulations and building codes. Our team is fully licensed, qualified and experienced to carry out all kinds of electrical work and installations at your premises.  

      Our technicians will promptly visit your facility, survey your existing infrastructure and use the latest technology to make improvements. We also offer technical support and maintenance. 

      A communications contractor specialises in managing, maintaining and improving the communications systems in your building. We use the latest, state-of-the-art technology to improve your wiring and networking. These services are geared to improve and streamline your company’s communications.

      When selecting an installation service, it’s important to consider the company’s qualifications and experience. Here at EQUANS, our installation service is renowned within the industry for its innovative and in-house approach to networking solutions. You can view some of our previous projects and testimonials here – the results speak for themselves. 

      EQUANS has been driving innovation in communications for over 180 yearsdecades. Our commitment to being leaders in the implementation of unique solutions, combined with our team of experienced project managers and technicians, is the reason that EQUANS is the technical services supplier of choice in Australia and New Zealand, as well as around the world. 

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