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Freshwater Place Digital Artwork Display

The Brief

EQUANS were engaged by JLL to create a Digital Artwork Display using LED to showcase immersive content and create a high tech but nature-driven aesthetic at one of Melbourne’s premier business addresses.

The Digital Artwork Display had to encompass functional requirements including LED video wall display, a display interface unit for image processing, LED time module control and remote monitoring, a digital playback server capable of displaying the artwork’s intense digital content, and a control interface accessible via web browser and mobile tablet device. The display’s aspect ratio of 32:9 presented a unique and challenging canvas for content creation. To ensure the highest aesthetic standards, any content had to be able to be displayed in its native aspect without stretching or compressing.

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Freshwater Place Digital Artwork Display_6

The Solution

This project is a real-time artwork with interactive waves, tides and currents from an island cluster in Australia. The PC that the artwork is generated from reads the tidal information in real time and converts it into the artwork. As the wind blows, waves ripple across the screen and during high tide the islands are covered with water.

A digital set-top box allows display of commercial TV channels for breaking news and events if relevant to the building occupants. The LED cabinets are mounted onto a custom aluminium-extruded mounting frame to ensure sub-millimetre accuracy required for an extremely flat image without visible cabinet lines.

To support the video art, a sound system with 25 speakers across three separate zones and 8 audio channels allows for optimal tuning and configuration. The audio resides on a QSC digital sound processor platform supporting network audio. This enables visitors to listen to highest quality sound from a range of audio sources. Control of the video wall takes place via a Crestron control system with a wireless touch panel that technicians can access from the foyer. All head-end equipment is powered by a 2KVA uninterrupted power supply, allowing soft power downs in case of power outages, helping extend the life of the system.

The Benefit

EQUANS have implemented ground-breaking technology at Freshwater Place’s newly refurbished foyer. The publicly accessible digital artwork provides an opportunity for all building occupants to engage with interactive, situational and customised technology.

The 11x3m Silicon Core LED screen and audio system was a successful installation from EQUANS ANZ.


Key facts:
  • 25 speakers across three separate zones & 8 audio channels
  • Unique display aspect ratio 32:9

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