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Is your commercial air conditioning breaking the bank?

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

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Is your commercial refrigeration breaking the bank?

Combining world-class engineering and refrigeration solutions – like chiller replacements and upgrades – requires less ongoing maintenance, consumes minimal energy, and saves cuts up to 50% in operating costs.

At EQUANS, we understand that maintaining your commercial refrigeration system can be costly and does not guarantee energy efficiency. However, our tailored commercial refrigeration and air conditioning solutions can help reduce your facility’s energy use across the asset lifecycle, from product selection, through to installation and preventive maintenance.

Designing refrigeration solutions with total asset lifecycle costs in mind typically means that you only need to invest in refrigeration preventive maintenance measures, rather than fixing ongoing, costly issues.

To provide state-of-the-art commercial refrigeration solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market, we've stepped outside the box. Find maximum comfort in your environment with easy maintenance and little environmental impact. And did we mention a significant reduction in unnecessary expenses?

Delivering Greener Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Our refrigeration solutions aim to set the standard for all technology in commercial applications in the HVACR industry. We aim to design solutions that tick all the boxes, including:

Low maintenance requirements

Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint

Performance you can rely on every day

Backed by sophisticated technology

Precise and use-friendly controllability

Making Better, Smart Choices For Your Business

As innovators in designing and delivering cooling solutions, you're making better, wiser choices when opting for EQUANS to see your whole project through.

We’re experts in energy efficiency, allowing you to maximise your results through specialist support from anywhere in the world. Fast becoming the go-to for many businesses – small and large – our products feature technologically advanced capabilities and unwavering performance.

Let us set the standards to maximise your low-maintenance operations. Contact us online or book a consultation by calling us on +61 1300 036 443 (AU) or +64(0)508 232 1338 (NZ).

Our work in action

We worked with the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney to upgrade their mechanical plant room which dated back to 1981. A core part of the upgrade was the installation of two Quantum chillers, which resulted in initial savings of 23% in electricity costs alone.

We worked with design engineers in Germany to develop new generation, high-efficiency compact chillers tailored for the retrofit market, in particular where crane expenses normally add significant costs to a project.

The chiller components were designed to fit the hotel’s goods lift size and weight limitations, saving more than $150,000 a day in crane costs that would have been required using a traditional replacement program. The innovative chiller design also allows the evaporator and condenser vessels to be transported in the lift, without the need for split vessels, removing the risk of costly repairs for leaking gaskets during the life of the chillers.