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Monash Woodside Building for Technology & Design

The Brief

The Woodside Building for Technology and Design is the first landmark building under the ‘Better Teaching, Better Learning’ program at Monash University, Clayton. The design makes it one of the most efficient and innovative teaching buildings of its type in the world, with an abundance of natural light and solar energy as its primary energy source. The 5-storey building houses more than 30 learning spaces, including interactive, tiered collaborative spaces, accommodating up to 360 people. EQUANS were engaged to deliver an efficient, effective AV solution that maximised learning while delivering a low energy footprint.

The Solution

We chose world-class, 4k resolution SiliconCore LED screens for the seven lecture theatres because they are bright enough to deliver exceptional clarity in the open and light-flooded spaces. It was a feat of engineering to hang the 6m x 3.6m screens from the ceiling at the optimal learning angle of 5 degrees and the result is both effective and impressive. We also installed state-of-the-art adaptive pillar speakers for crystal clear sound in the vast spaces and Cisco video conference systems to support online learning. All the technology has a power-saving setup that automatically shuts it down when not in use.

The Benefit

Delivering state-of-the-art, low-carbon educational facilities is a vision that EQUANS is proud to help Monash University bring to life. Research has shown that learning is 30% better in natural light, but traditional projectors do not perform under those conditions. The dual 4K LED screens are perfect for sharing detailed visuals like high resolution CAD diagrams and electronic circuits to a room full of engineering students. We’re proud to have delivered state of the art audio visual technology for a world leading educational facility, enabling an interdisciplinary, interactive learning environment that allows students to collaborate, design and learn.

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Key facts:
  • Dual 4K LED screens deliver hi-res clarity in light-flooded innovative learning spaces
  • Adaptive pillar speakers offer crisp sound & Cisco video conferencing aids online learning

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